Can you drink tea with Invisalign?

woman with invisalign aligners drinking tea

Yes, you can drink tea or coffee while you are wearing Invisalign. Make sure that the beverage shouldn’t be too hot because it can lead to deformation of the device and changes in its shape so that it is not fit properly anymore. Also, be sure that you brush your aligners and teeth after consuming such drinks. This is really important as coffee and tea are well known for causing stains on teeth and removable aligners.

Although it is safe to drink hot beverages while wearing Invisalign, it might be in your best interest to remove the Invisalign aligners for optimal oral health before you drink. Just don't forget to put them back in when you finish your drink. If you fail to clean your teeth and aligners well after having a cup of tea or food you can stain your teeth and increase your risk of getting cavities.

Patients using Invisalign have the opportunity to have what they typically drink, including tea and coffee, but proper care is required to avoid staining. You can discuss the information about Invisalign and any other concerns about it with your orthodontist.