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scared and anxious woman at the dentist

How to Deal With Dental Anxiety

Do you struggle with dental anxiety?

woman suffering from headache due to sleep bruxism

Sleep Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) Treatment Singapore

If you suspect that you grind your teeth at night or you are certain about it, this article is a must-read.

teenager wearing braces for teeth straightening

Permanent Cosmetic Teeth Straightening Cost in Singapore

Cosmetic teeth straightening with invisible aligners and normal braces helps people improve their ‘social smile’ and

tooth on grass

Holistic Dentist in Singapore (Biological, Environmental dentist)

A normal visit to the dentist usually includes procedures such as routine examination, teeth cleaning, oral care cons

woman sleeping with anti snoring mask for sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea Teeth Grinding

Do you often wake up feeling like you haven't slept?

asian woman using mouth guard

Dental Sleep Medicine

If you wake up feeling tired and fatigued every morning, if your loved one who sleeps next to you tells you are snori

woman putting on invisible teeth aligners

Zenyum vs Invisalign - Differences & Choice of Dentist

Invisible braces have flooded the market in Singapore.

girl holding zenyum clear aligners

Zenyum Retainers/Aligners Singapore - Braces Price & Whitening

This blog post will take a look at Zenyum Singapore, an orthodontic treatment that aims to improve the aesthe

close up of metal braces treating diastema gap teeth

Gap Teeth - What Causes Gaps Between Front Teeth, How To Fix It, Cost

This article will discuss in more detail gap teeth, how it occurs, what measures should be taken, and if it require
body mass index

BMI, Obesity and Oral Health - Link Between Extra Fat & Dental Problems

More and more folks are becoming aware of the fact there is an association between obesity and oral health.

dental tools

Professional Dental Hygienist Tools Used for Cleaning, Extraction & Plaque Removal

Medicine is a unique science, and it is a fact that development over the centuries has become more effective and pain

woman smiling showing pronounced canine teeth

Canine Teeth: Anatomy, Purpose, and Diseases of Cuspids

Let’s be honest, we rarely think about canine teeth. To put it humbly, we take them for granted.

teeth cleaning singapore procedure

Dental/Teeth Cleaning Singapore - Cost, Scaling Polishing

Teeth cleaning in Singapore is a procedure that is commonly performed but rarely understood.

pregnant woman

Dentist and Pregnancy - Prenatal Dental Care, X-rays, Tooth Extraction

What do a dentist and pregnancy have in common?

Doctor holding and looking at dental x-ray

Dental X-Ray - Wisdom Teeth X-Ray, Charges, Side Effects & Pregnancy

Dental X-Ray: Everything You Should Know About It
Smiling teenager checking healthy teeth

Dental Bridge Singapore Cost, Benefits & Disadvantages

If you recently lost a tooth, your dentist will likely suggest placing a dental bridge

Smiling woman with perfect white teeth

Dental Fillings Singapore Price, Dental Gap Filling

In contemporary dentistry, beauty, health, and durability go hand in hand.

A young woman being examined by a dentist

Tooth Cavity - Pain, Causes Hole in Tooth, Decay, Molar and Front Tooth Filling, Prevention

Tooth cavity is a relatively common occurrence in both children and adults.

Woman with perfect white teeth

Dental Crown Singapore - Types, Cost, Surgery, Process

Modern dental crowns are a relatively inexpensive, esthetic, and almost universal way of teeth restoration.

Dentist explaining tooth extraction

Tooth Extraction Singapore - Cost, Dry Socket, Molar Teeth, Children

No one wants a tooth extraction. In some cases, however, it’s necessary and may even be inevitable.

Beautiful and healthy woman smile

Dental Bonding Singapore - Cost, Enamel Loss, Chipped Tooth

Bonding teeth is a dental procedure that effectively corrects different aesthetic problems.

Beautiful young woman with metal teeth braces

Teeth Braces - Cost, Types, Do Dental Braces Work

Today we pay a lot of attention to our appearance and a beautiful smile is one of the factors determining our self-co

dentist holding a root canal reamer

Medisave Root Canal Treatment Procedure Singapore Cost

Root Canal Treatment Guide: Complete Rundown of the Procedure
wisdom teeth x-ray

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Singapore - Removal Cost, Surgery, Pain, Medisave and Recovery

One of the most performed procedures at the dentist’s office is the so-called wisdom teeth removal.