Can dental crowns be replaced?

woman at the dentist for choosing dental crown

Your dentists may recommend dental crown replacement in case your crown becomes worn or broken, if you feel pain and experience swelling near the covered tooth or your gum line is receded.

Replacement of an old dental crown is typically no more complicated than making and placing a new crown. Before the procedure is carried out, the dentists will numb the tooth and gum tissue in order to ensure your comfort. The process of replacing usually begins by removing the old crown so that the new one can be fitted at this place. It is very rare that an old crown can be saved or reused since it usually requires cutting into sections when removing it.

When the old crown is removed, the remaining tooth structure will be prepared for the new crown. If needed additional root canal treatment is performed. Your dentist may also have to reshape the tooth and make an impression so that the dimensions are recorded. Once the tooth is done, your dentist will permanently cement the new crown.

Even though today's dental crowns are extremely strong and durable, they are not likely to last you your entire life. Generally speaking, crowns can last about 5 years to 15 years before requiring replacement or repair.