Can Invisalign fix buck teeth?

woman putting on invisalign aligners

Yes. Invisalign can correct a variety of malocclusions, including buck teeth. A lot of Singaporeans choose not to treat overbites, especially when it comes to mild cases that cause no trouble whatsoever. This is because people don’t like the idea of wearing braces. However, severe buck teeth can create issues with eating as well as self-confidence. In that case, they had better be addressed before they get the chance to worsen. Invisalign can also be used to fix the gap in the front and other teeth.

Invisalign being invisible and comfortable, unlike traditional metal braces, is the perfect option for patients who are unwilling to use the convenient methods for teeth straightening. It can fix buck teeth in 12 to 18 months and no one would notice the aligners on the teeth because they are translucent.