Do kids need dental crowns?

kid in a paediatric dentist office

Following situations may lead to a dental crown becoming necessary in children:

  • If children have severely decayed or damaged tooth that cannot sustain a dental filling then crowning is used to save the tooth structure.
  • Crowns can be also used to protect the teeth of children who are likely to develop tooth decay, particularly in the case when the child is having difficulty maintaining daily oral hygiene.
  • Crowning can be performed in order to reduce children's need for general anaesthesia if they are unable to cooperate with the proper dental care requirements due to their age, behaviour or medical history.

Usually, a pediatric dentist will recommend a stainless steel crown in these cases.

Stainless steel crowns are very good for temporary restorations of teeth and are usually placed on permanent teeth. They are usually used to protect the filling while a permanent crown is constructed and ready to be placed. In children, a stainless steel crown is frequently used to protect a primary tooth whose surface has been prepared. In addition to covering the entire tooth, the crown keeps the tooth safe from further decaying and damages. Dental crowns made of stainless steel are typically placed in kids' teeth since they are more convenient and cheaper than custom-made crowns that need multiple visits to place and require regular preventive dental care.