How much is dental implant in Singapore?

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The cost of a dental implant in Singapore ranges from S$2,500 to S$6,000 per unit. This means if you need more than one dental implant, the whole treatment can get quite expensive. Please note that the price does not cover initial consultation, which runs $50, and any additional dental work or medication. Also note that if you use MediSave, part of the expenses will be covered, so your final bill will be much smaller. It is best to discuss this with your attending dentist, as they can explain your options in much more detail. 

Now, in most cases, the payment is made in instalments. The first time around, you pay for the consultation. On your second appointment, you have to cover the placement of the implant fixture and the titanium abutment. And on the third session, you will be asked to pay for the crown. Of course, these steps will vary from clinic to clinic.