How much is teeth whitening at a dentist in Singapore?

woman at a dentist for a teeth whitening procedure

Getting your teeth whitened in Singapore will cost you an average of S$600, with the lowest price being S$450 for a professional service. In some clinics, in-office bleaching runs S$900 and up, and the bill is formed according to factors such as the dentist’s experience, the products used, and the current condition of the teeth. The consultation is not included in the price. It will set you back some S$45 per session.

In comparison, over-the-counter bleaching strips and trays are sold for under S$100 but they don’t promise the same outcome and are mostly ineffective against stains and not serious teeth discolouration. It’s difficult to predict the results of both professional and at-home teeth whitening because they are dependent on heredity, age, and the level of staining that someone is experiencing. Then again, in-office sessions are safer and receive higher satisfaction rates.