How much does Invisalign cost in Singapore?

man holding invisalign aligners

An Invisalign treatment in Singapore typically costs about S$5000 - S$8000 in case it is handled by a general dentist, whereas the cost of Invisalign treatment by an orthodontist tend to be higher - between S$7500 and S$9500. There are many factors that can affect the final price. Things like how many teeth need correction, the length of the treatment, the experience of the dentist and so on will determine how expensive the final price will be. The other reason why Invisalign is so expensive is that it is an advanced technology that offers many advantages over regular braces. Still, there are ways to get it cheaper.

The cost of Invisalign consultation in Singapore may start from S$50 and go up to S$110. The records that are taken on the consultation visit do not count toward the treatment package in some clinics, should you decide to proceed with them for your treatment plan.

Since Invisalign is a non-surgical procedure and is considered an aesthetic treatment, it is usually not covered by Insurance or Medisave.